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Actors Cabaret of Eugene, Eugene

996 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401-3134
Contact: 541-683-4368
A non-profit performing arts organization, Actors Cabaret of Eugene (ACE) presents several plays, musicals, premiere, and ... More
Actors Cabaret of Eugene


A non-profit performing arts organization, Actors Cabaret of Eugene (ACE) presents several plays, musicals, premiere, and original productions per year.
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Oh Rocky!!
By ,
For the 10th or 11th time, we attended the Rocky Horror Picture Show last night. This was not the typical reproduction of the original, but a recreation of the entertainment the show provided. I have watched the movie more times than I can remember, and seen this playhouse go through years of cast change, and this it the first time where the star of the production was Brad!! This guy was GREAT!! From his opening scene and those quizzical looks at Janet, to his jiggling buns in the finale---I LOVED BRAD!! The venue has continued to improve over the years, and the packed house was really enjoyable. I liked the band and their enteraining comments, and was only disappointed that the audience participation was so limited. I tried to liven it up a little! My only critique would be to find a new Franknfurter. Not criticizing the actor, it just time for someone new to step in. If and when it is performed again, we will be there!! Thanks for the entertainment. M & R
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Actors Cabaret of Eugene, Eugene
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Eugene 2011
a trip by Ale
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